1. Is the blind folded buddy run , a competitive run ?

The blindfolded run is a non competitive run.

2. Is timing chip required to get a timing certificate that I can use for registering to SCMM?

Yes, timing chip purchase is required for timing certificate

3. If I did not pay for timing chip when registering can I order one now?

You can click on this link and pay now Click here

4. If I do not opt for timing chip, will I still get a medal and everything else that other timed runner get?

Yes. Timing chip is a significant cost and many runners do not care for the timing they are only interested in the joy of running with the community, In such case you can save money by not purchasing a timing chip.

5. Should race winners have timing chip?

Yes, winners are determined automatically by the timing technology. So if you do not buy the timing chip then you are a non-competitive runner. All winners much have timing chip. When you collect your bib make sure to check if there is a plastic strip of timing chip attached.

6. What is the last date for registrations?

Registrations close on 1st July 2017 OR once all the slots have been filled, whichever is first. No one will be permitted to register on the day of the race.

7. Will I be able to get a refund once my application has been accepted?

You will get a refund after deduction of Rs.150. No cancellation will be accepted after 20 JUNE 2017. No refund for the Timing Chip and T-shirt.

8. Can I change the distance I am running?

Yes, Request the change here buddy@runbuddies.club no changes possible in the last two week before the race.

9. Will I be permitted to transfer my registration to a friend?

We are sorry to say that no transfers will be permitted.

10. Will I be able to register on the day of the event?

No registrations will be permitted on the day of the race.

11. Will you choose any winners in 3K and 5K category?

No, 3K and 5K is non-competitive category. The finishers will get a finisher’s medal but we will not choose any winners.

12. Why are you asking for Date of birth and Gender?

There are separate winning categories in both Half Marathon and 10 Km distances.

  • Boys Senior (40+)
  • Girls Senior (40+)
  • Boys Open (Under 40)
  • Girls Open (Under 40)

You must have timing chip to remain in competitive category.

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